Turkey Soup

I have a carcass from a turkey breast in the freezer.  It was one of those “buy a certain amount of groceries and get a free turkey” kind of things.  We finally cooked it, and there was so much meat for the two of us that I told Ed, okay, we’ll put the carcass and extra meat in the freezer for another day.  To perhaps make soup.

The last time I was with my father on his death bed, I had brought a container of turkey noodle soup to the house.  The last thing he ever ate in his life was a couple bites of that homemade soup.  It’s hard to believe that the impression of that could stay with me so long that just the thought of making turkey soup again felt wrong.

I am not sure if it feels right yet.  Either I take that carcass out at some point and make soup, or I let it wallow there until it is freezer burned.


I wish I had something to say, but I don’t.

Where I’m At Today

Soooo, I guess I’m retired.

I looked for employment beginning in October 2014, once my unemployment was about to run out, and I had a few interviews with some good companies, but it was always the same old story, “you were great, but we selected someone else,  blah blah blah”.  I kept up my job search until about the end of March of 2015, and then I just decided to take a break.

Our lifestyle hasn’t really changed much.  We have enough investment income at this point to be fine.  I still get angry though, because it was not my choice to leave the workplace.  I get upset thinking about the lost income that I would have received over the next several years.

The summer has been great.  We had a wonderful vacation on Cape Cod in July, with plans for a mini-vacation in the next couple weeks out to Ohio, and a foliage trip to Maine in early October.  The hardest thing to get used to is the sameness of the days.  I don’t have a weekend to look forward to anymore, because every day is the weekend.

I also know in my heart, that I need to go back to looking for employment.  Either that, or find something else that will give me some purpose.  Can we just say, that I watch way too much Netflix right now?


I lost my job on May 22, 2014.  I am still reeling.

David Letterman

Funny, the first person I thought about yesterday with David Letterman’s announcement of his retirement was my mom.  She loved watching him from the very beginning.

Maybe Craig Ferguson will step into his slot?  Then I can always be reminded about my mom.  She always watched him, too.


Nothing Important

I’m just making sure this blog stays online.


Let’s see.  A lot has happened since my last post.  Our little Abby is not so little anymore.  She is 66 lbs. and is still not full grown.  We have also sold a house, bought a house, and moved.  This was all very stressful, particularly because the buyer of our house was a pain in the you know what.  But all in all, we made the right move.  Our house sold at a great price for us, and the house we bought came in with a low appraisal so the sellers had to go down in price.

I would really like to get in the habit of writing here again.  It’s pretty much the only way I can remember all the stuff that happens.  We’ll see.